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Antenna Turning Unit type DD1

Type Direct Drive
Maximum antenna weight 475 kg
Applicable antenna types Radar Antenna Families 18 - 24ft
Rotational speed antenna shaft Variable from 1 to 60 rpm
Motor type Rotary torque motor
Power supply 3-phase 400 V, 50/60Hz and 24 VDC/6A
Driving torgue 816 Nm max
Environmental temperature range -25 to +50°C
Sound pressure level < 50 dBA (at 20 rpm)
Weight Approx. 200 kg excl. support
(250 kg incl. support)
Dimensions Ø 680 x 1011 mm (including support)

Standard features

  • One-channel rotary joint for X-band with through-going shaft
  • EnDat optical shaft encoder
  • Time Between Overhaul 10 years

Available options

  • Support for platform mounting of the Antenna Turning Unit
  • Rotary spark gap assembly for integrated lightning protection
  • Cold weather package for operation at temperatures down to -40°C
  • Slip ring unit (up to six rings), e.g. for antenna polarization control
  • Anti-vibration and noise suppressing mounting ring
  • Antenna tiltring fixed or adjustable up to 10 degrees

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