High performance radar antenna systems and microwave sensors
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High performance
microwave sensors


CHL designs and builds critical sensors according to customer specifications.
At CHL, we do not keep a ready stock of standard sensors. Our company is specialised in meeting unique and strict customer requirements, where quality is crucial. We supply our customers with specific sensors for a wide range of applications. These sensors may take any shape or size, depending on the specific customer needs.

Tailor-made sensors

Our design and production capabilities range from mechanical to electrical and microwave. CHL can develop and produce customised sensors from scratch, or revise them to meet more stringent needs. We manage measuring ranges from 1 to 40 GHz.
Our R&D department can develop the electronic sensor components as well as design the mechanical parts of the sensor.

Non-standard is our standard

CHL guarantees the supply of a sensor that distinguishes itself by being non-standard, whether in terms of long-term accurate performance or small-scale production.
For some purposes, sensors need to be extremely accurate in measuring distance or speed. At the same time they need to be robust and weather-resistant enough to optimally perform under harsh conditions. CHL can meet all these requirements.

Radar sensor for speed cameras

Reliable speed measurement under all circumstances...


Reliable position measurement under all circumstances...

Microwave components

Microwave components designed and manufactured by CHL...

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