CHL: over seventy years of experience in-state-of-the-art Radar Antenna's and Turnig Units
High performance radar antenna systems and microwave sensors
High performance
radar antenna systems and sensors

About CHL

CHL (Christiaan Huygens Laboratorium) is an independent designer and producer of high performance radar antenna systems and microwave sensors. We work for a wide variety of companies, combining seventy years of experience with state-of-the-art know-how. You can find our products around the world. If you require small quantities, built to your own requirements and/or for specific locations, we are most happy to oblige.
Our products perform outstandingly and are built to last. We adhere to strict standards and deliver products that have been thoroughly tested and/ or measured. The performance of our products exceeds the specification values that we guarantee.

Featured products

CHL designs and builds high performance radar antenna systems for any transceiver. CHL’s radar antenna systems are quiet and hurricane-proof. They have a high electrical low maintenance performance and a very long life-span.

CHL designs and builds critical sensors for a variety of applications to customer specifications. If a small series of sensors is needed with specific qualities, such as accuracy, robustness, resistance to certain circumstances or a combination of these, CHL can meet your requirements. | T +31 (0) 71 402 55 14
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