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Reference Artemis

CHL’s custom-designed and custom-built sensors are being used, amongst other things, for speed cameras and the Artemis positioning system. These applications are subject to stringent requirements of accuracy and have a long-lasting performance.

Artemis is a microwave positioning system of the range-bearing type. It was used for sinking the caissons at the Dutch Delta Works.
Nowadays, Artemis is being manufactured and supplied by Guidance Marine and is used as the world’s most reliable microwave positioning system. One of its applications is monitoring the loading procedure between shuttle tanker and floating tank systems (FPSO) in the offshore industry. The shuttle tanker must maintain a constant relative position to prevent it hitting the FPSO. Since satellite navigation alone is not reliable, Artemis is used as an additional positioning system.
Artemis is unmistakably the most reliable system for offshore purposes.

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