High performance radar antenna systems and microwave sensors
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Quality control for
long lasting performance


CHL has a ISO9001 certified quality system. CHL�s quality system focuses on the quality of its products. Before any parts and materials are assembled, they are thoroughly tested and/or measured. This applies both to parts that we purchase and parts that we produce ourselves. Subsequently, in order to guarantee the technical specifications and quality of the end product, tests and measurements are conducted throughout the production process.

Near-field and far-field testing

With respect to radar antenna systems , several tests and measurements are performed during the various stages of the production process. They include the near-field measurement of the antenna, the associated calculation of the side lobe levels, the measurement of its radiation patterns, gain and VSWR. Prior to delivery, an extensive factory test is conducted, including far-field measurements and an integrated system test. The test results � guaranteed measured values � are presented to the customer.
The performance of our products exceed the specification values that we guarantee. The specifications provided by CHL are minimum values and not typical values. In addition, the customer and/or end user can request to be present during a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). During this FAT, the entire factory test is repeated.

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